The moment you mention the name Bathmate hydro pump, guys run for cover and attempt to steer clear of the subject, the vast majority of guys probably feel that their manhood is adequate and would not want to change how it is.


However, there are many surveys on the internet whereby women from across the globe were asked if size really matters with regards to sex. Some of them said the thicker the manhood, the better, but others said that they love their men despite the size they are carrying.


Below is an outline of some of the benefits of using a Bathmate hydro pump and how it can help men out there.


Size increase

The bathmate Hydro pump is marketed mainly as a device to boost the size of the male private part of which it does. If this pump is used over a long period of time, it has the potential to increase a man's manhood to about three inches in length and thirty percent in girth. In some instances, it might increase the size of their manhood to about one or two inches and 27 percent in girth which is still not bad for people who are looking to increase in size.


Better Performance

As stated above, Bathmate hydro pump will increase size but more importantly will also enhance a man's erection quality after just a few weeks of use. It has also helped many men who have had erectile dysfunction problems by decreasing this problem by up to 80 percent. This is because using Bathmate hydro pump will increase the blood flow to a man's manhood.


How they Work

The concept behind how Bathmate hydro pump works is very easy. It is made up of high-quality plastic, a pressure mechanism on one end and a pressure release valve on the other end. The plastic cylinder should be filled with water usually when taking a shower and insert your manhood into the cylinder until the pressure has built up. In short, this device is used to exercise the male private part, increasing the blood flow into it thereby making it larger and stronger, enhancing the man's erection. 



Previously many people lamented that these Bathmate pumps did not work but nowadays, highly trained doctors have recommended using this pump as a home therapy device to treat disorders such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and also for guys suffering from a curved or bent manhood disorder. View the bathmate results here!